Simple Ways To Make Money In College

As much as I do not like MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, you can make some extra cash and there are some good ones out there. Most of them are not worth you time. If you choose MLM, find one with a good product and compensation plan. Be willing to spend some time and develop your downline and be patient. My wife and I have made as much as $1300 in a monthly check.

The down side is that you may run some friends off. MLM's usually start out slow, then peak and start downward when you run out of friends and family. It does not have to be that way but usually is. The product is always expensive because of commission to be paid off each sale. The justification is that there is no advertising cost. It is all word of mouth. Your mouth, the mouths of your friends and the mouths of your friends friends. When all the mouths stop so does your income.

One thing about making money this way, it gives you a mindset to be your own boss and that can be a good thing. I like being my own boss better than the other options. My wife and I have been in business since 1994. "No one tells me to comb the floor", except my wife.
Another way to make collage money is to find a job that rewards you for your efforts such as a job that has tipping. For good service, some people tip as high as 20% or more. That is a better return that the stock market usually offers.

What about investing? You first got to have some money to invest. As for me, if I am a college student, I would find a high yield savings account of 5% or more and park the extra cash there. If you play the stock market you better do your homework first. Why lay awake at night wondering if your one stock position is going down the next day. College students do not need that. Take the sure thing, the interest on you money.

Also, beware of websites that are designed for one purpose and that is to get you to click on Buy Now. They take advantage of the need and desire of people to get their hands on some quick money. They are usually one page websites. They are all designed on the same 10 steps method. They all want your email address. They all give you something to get it, and continue to send you emails with free stuff until you finally click the Buy Now button on How To Get Rich Quick. They sucker you in until they get your money. It is all done automatically with auto-responders. All of them have many one page websites working for them. You buy some software or ebook for a huge price that will do you no good. They just stir up your lust.

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