Evolution of Money in the World

The evolution of money in the world is something few of us truly understand. While I have learnt to believe only recently money comes to you easily when you think and act in certain ways, not through more hard work and struggle.

We have been conditioned as people growing up through society to believe more diligence will create simple abundance. This could not be further from the truth, harder work will produce more struggle. Life's abundance is a result of conditioning your belief system into attracting abundance with the evolution of money in the world.

If evolution of money in the world were to be distributed evenly amongst us, we would each be worth $3 million. Now that's a far cry from reality! How does this work?

Money of the world is just that, an evolution of money in the world and if you are not aware of how the process works attracting money becomes almost impossible.

Consider these points when attracting wealth into your life;

* Why if you have been conditioned for hard work and struggle, you'll attract "more hard work and struggle", instead of becoming rich.

* Changing your wealth conditioning

* How you feel about yourself will determine your income!

* does one charge enough for some time and services?

* Be spiritually comfortable with being rich

* Avoiding cheap and discounted products, and only buy good quality!

* As children we grow up thinking it's bad to become wealthy.

* If your negative you'll repel money.

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